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How to Open a Locked Scribd Document File for Free

Scribd is a website where you can share documents in doc or pdf format. where users can submit documents in various formats, and save their documents to the site in iPaper format.

However, there are documents that are locked and to open or read them you must first subscribe for a fee of Rp. 70,000 -, every month. for those of you who have worked like this, this is not a problem but not for students.

But don't worry, pediainfo has tips for easily opening locked Scribd files, curious how to do it? let's see the following article.

How to Open Locked Scribd Files

1. Copy Link

Copy the link below and paste the link in a new tab.


2. Copy the code

The second thing you have to do is open the locked file as shown below. at this time you cannot download or read the full contents of the document. copy the nine numbers on the link, the example in this image is 422858740.

How to Open a Locked Scribd Document File for Free

3. Replace xxxx with a number

The last step is to replace the letters xxxx in the first step with the numbers that were copied earlier. The complete link will look like below.


You can read the full document for free.

This method is very helpful when needed, especially for students who need to find references to complete school or college assignments. if you have more funds, it's best to subscribe to show your support to the Scribd site.

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  1. https://www.scribd.com/presentation/485229938/Bab-2-Teori-Etika


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