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Easy to Fix Error Database Connection Wordpress

You can not fix the error in establishing a database connection. For this reason, You can not get access to the WordPress Dashboard. You need a help to fix the problem?

Its so easy to fix. Check if the database name, username and password are correct in wp-config.php

fix error establishing a database connection

Ensure that your WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php) has the correct database connection details. Open this file in a text editor and verify the following settings:

  • Database name (DB_NAME)
  • Database username (DB_USER)
  • Database password (DB_PASSWORD)
  • Database host (DB_HOST)

You can solve this error. Please follow this steps.

  • Go to your hosting cpanel.
  • Open file manager
  • Go to your wordpress installation
  • Open and edit wp-config.php
  • Change your database credential to the actual database ypu created from cpanel

It's a very common error. If you need the detail, there are a lot of videos on YouTube. Go and Check it out!

When you have try to edit wp-config.php, but id doesnt fixed, please make sure your database server (e.g., MySQL or MariaDB) is up and running. If it's not, you may need to restart it.

You can also try to open file manager, go to the your website folder and check config PHP.

Now, select this config.php and click edit.

Now your config.php file show a editor and check the database configuration.

Now check your database name, password, username.

Or reconfigure those things and save it.

And ensure that the database user specified in your wp-config.php file has the necessary permissions to access the database. They should have at least SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE privileges.

no need expert web developer to fix this. You can do it by yourself.

You can use a database client or a command-line tool to test the database connection with the credentials provided in your wp-config.php file.

Sometimes, insufficient server resources (like memory or CPU) can lead to database connection issues. Check your server's resource utilization.

In some cases, a faulty plugin or theme can disrupt database connections. You can temporarily disable plugins by renaming the plugins folder in your WordPress installation directory. If this resolves the issue, reactivate them one by one to identify the problematic plugin.

Motivating those who need help. Don't give up.

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