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How Long Does It Take to Learn Python and SQL by Studying 4 Hours a Day?

Questions like this are often asked by beginners who are eager to learn a programming language, whether it's Python, SQL, or any other. Starting out, one might envision the estimated time needed to progress from a beginner level to an expert.

The intention behind these questions might be to establish clear learning plans and to gauge whether the learning process will be effective. However, it's essential to understand that learning is a lifelong journey.

how many hours to learn python and sql

Even a PediaInfo team member, Kumar, humorously claims to have been learning Python for three years and still can't remember anything! :D

Of course, this is just a playful or sarcastic response to such inquiries.

For beginners, it's crucial to ask why you're learning Python or SQL:

  • Is it for employment opportunities?
  • Do you have a genuine interest in programming?
  • Is it an academic requirement?
  • Or do you have a strong determination to master these skills?

Certainly, each individual's learning journey might not be the same, influenced by personal capabilities, including IQ.

In my opinion, learning SQL in one week is achievable. As for learning Python, allocating four hours a day for a full month will begin to yield noticeable results.

Even so, let's be clear: learning programming is an ongoing process. To progress from a beginner to an expert, it might take at least three years, and that's if you're really swift.

Understand Concepts, Don't Just Memorize Syntax

Rather than rote memorization of syntax, it's more critical to have a conceptual understanding of the programming language you're learning. Solid conceptual understanding accelerates the learning process. For simplifying learning, the official documentation is highly recommended.

Another key principle is consistency in learning. If dedicating three hours a day to Python and SQL seems challenging, even just one hour a day is sufficient, as long as you maintain a consistent learning routine.

PediaInfo assures that within a year of consistent learning, you will see a significant improvement in your programming skills.

For basic Python and SQL proficiency, you can allocate three to five months. However, if you aspire to be an expert or specialize in these fields, you'll need to keep learning for at least two years.

Taking courses can be an excellent approach. "Code with Harry" is a highly recommended course.

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Learn Smart and Practice Often

Every individual possesses unique capabilities. Therefore, when embarking on the journey of learning Python and SQL, it's essential to understand your own character.

Choose learning materials wisely, focusing on those that are easily understandable. Challenge yourself to reach your goals within a specific timeframe, like 100 days.

The key is to be willing to experiment and practice. Don't give up easily when facing challenges; keep moving forward and stay focused.

During your learning journey, apply your strategies. For instance, spend two hours learning theory and then dedicate the next two hours to executing what you've learned.

Many people say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master in a field. Try to achieve that amount of learning time.

There will always be something new and intriguing to learn, even after accumulating 10,000 hours. Never stop being a learner.

Although your initial code may look messy, as you progress through your journey, it will improve. Trust the process; it's crucial, and it will never betray the results you'll eventually enjoy.

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