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How to Download Genshin Impact Pre-Installation

how to Genshin Impact pre installation

Pre-installation on genshin impact is the process of downloading game data updates that is faster than he officially scheduled schedule. update 1.2 has been predicted for December 23, 2020.

The pre-installation or pre-installation of the latest updates has begun to be tested and can be downloaded on the Windows PC platform only. Considering the stability and compatibility of genshin 

impact, pre-installation testing for the mobile and console versions of the last gen PS4 will be carried out at a later date. Of course this is the right decision so that we as players do not experience problems in the game.

Actually, this pre-installation is not required to be installed until Upadate 1.2 is officially released. traveler can still play the game even if you don't install it or play while downloading new files that are in the pre-installation.

The pre-installation will use up some of your network data, so make sure you have a good internet connection before starting the pre-installation download via the genshin impact launcher.

This pre-installed download size ranges from 4GB to 7GB, first I downloaded 4GB but there is another 3GB in addition.

how to download the pre-installation genshin impact? the way is quite easy, first run the launcher as usual and next to the launch button there is pre-installation writing, click get now or just click the yellow download icon.

After successfully installing the pre-installation data, when the latest version update is officially released, you can start the game without the need to download game data or resources again. so you just need to reopen the launcher and click "Update".

and if the pre-installation doesn't finish, when you re-open the launcher and click "Update", the in-game data will resume downloading from the point where the pre-installation process stopped. For example, during the pre-installation process stopped at 4GB, then when the download update continues from 4GB.

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