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How to Lock Network to 4G Only on Android 11

How to Lock Network to 4G Only on Android 11

4G is an abbreviation of the term in English, namely fourth-generation technology. The term is generally used to refer to the fourth generation standard of cellular telephone technology.

The 4G network is fast, but in some areas in Indonesia the 4G network is still not stable, sometimes the signal bar on the smartphone shows a 4G signal but some times it changes to H+ or 3G. this can be a bit annoying for gamers as they need a stable connection.

The way to deal with changing networks is to set your phone to accept only 4G networks or 4G Only. but on android 11 the menu to access 4G only is difficult to do because many applications are not yet compatible with the latest version of android.

After trying several applications on the play store, I finally found an application that is compatible with android 11. what is the name of the application?

How to 4G Only Android 11

In this article I use the Oppo Reno 4 F which has updated the latest Color OS and Android 11 At the end of December 2020, before updating to Android 11 I could still use the 4G only application which I will mention below, but after updating the application it was not optimal with android 11.

Previously I have tried applications such as 4G only Network Mode, MTK Engineering mode, 4G LTE Switcher but these three applications do not support Android 11.

4G LTE Only Mode is an application that allows you to switch to using a 4G LTE network only by allowing the application to open a secret setting where in this setting there is a menu to select a 4G Only network.

How to Download 4G LTE Only Mode

This application can be downloaded via the Google Play Store for free. how to download the same as others or follow the steps below:

  • Open play store
  • Look for 4G LTE Only Mode
  • tap Install/Download
How to use

How to use this application is very easy, just one tap and hidden settings will be accessible. follow these steps:

  • Open the 4G LTE Only Mode app
  • Tap Open Advanced Hidden settings
  • Scroll down and replace Set preferred network type with LTE Only
  • Close App
  • 4G LTE Only is active

In the description of this application it is written that Samsung users are expected not to install this application because it cannot run on Samsung devices.

this application works on all devices except Samsung. For Samsung users, please be patient. surely other applications will be updated soon to be compatible with android 11.

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