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Optimizing Storage for Genshin Impact on PC

Your concern about the significant space Genshin Impact (GI) occupies on your PC is valid, especially when it reaches 82GB and puts a strain on your SSD. Then you think that GI need too much storage on PC.

You've raised the question of whether re-downloading the game would reduce its size. The reality is that reinstalling the game is unlikely to significantly decrease its size.

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Once the game is installed, various files and caches accumulate over time, contributing to its overall size. While a fresh download might seem smaller initially, the size tends to increase again as you continue using the game and new updates are introduced.

The situation you're facing with the Genshin Impact game file size is common, especially considering the continuous updates and additions to the game. 

Here are some insights and possible solutions for Genshin Impact storage.

Reinstalling the Game

While it might seem like reinstalling the game could reduce its size, in most cases, it doesn't significantly decrease the overall size. 

Initially, it might appear smaller, but as you use the game, the cache builds up, and the size increases again.

Moving to Mobile

One suggestion is to consider playing Genshin Impact on your mobile device. It's often a more lightweight option, and there are features like the ability to delete old quest data to save space. However, this depends on personal preference and the device you have.

Upgrading Storage

If storage space is a critical issue, consider upgrading your PC's storage capacity, as SSD prices have become more affordable. A 256GB SSD should provide ample space for Genshin Impact and other applications.

If possible, upgrading your PC's storage, particularly your SSD, could be a viable solution. SSD prices have become more affordable, and getting a larger capacity SSD (e.g., 256GB or more) could provide the extra space you need.

Consider Future Updates

Keep in mind that with each game update, new content and features are introduced, potentially increasing the overall size. It's essential to anticipate future updates and plan your storage accordingly.

PC Upgrade

If you're facing limitations due to hardware, upgrading your PC could be an option. This would provide more flexibility and performance for gaming, allowing you to handle larger game sizes.

It's worth noting that the difference in features between the mobile and PC versions, such as the ability to delete old quest data, stems from the upgradeability of PC hardware. Unlike mobile devices, which have limitations on hardware upgrades, PCs offer more flexibility in this regard.

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In conclusion, managing game file sizes is a common concern, and each solution has its pros and cons. Consider your preferences, available options, and budget when deciding on the best course of action for your gaming experience.

While reinstalling the game may offer a temporary reduction in size, it's not a long-term solution. Upgrading your PC's storage capacity would be a more effective way to address the storage challenges posed by Genshin Impact and other applications.

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