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How To Fix Genshin Impact Launcher Re-Download The Game

Genshin impact is a game that is very popular today and is often the subject of discussion everywhere. a few days ago genshin impact collaborated with KFC fast food restaurant in china and this collaboration resulted in an exclusive item of skin wind glider with KFC's signature style.

To play this game players must run the launcher first, but some players complain that their launcher has an error and have to re-download the game files even though the game has been installed correctly.

genshin impact launcher is very important for pre-installation or pre-download. but if the problem with the launcher is not resolved then the player will not be able to pre-download,

then how do you solve the problematic genshin impact launcher? The author has a solution for those of you who are experiencing problems like this.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Launcher Error

Launcher Genshin Impact Error

Previously, I was able to play this game smoothly without any problems in the launcher, but after the 1.3 launcher update I suddenly did not detect game data even though this game was still installed in the same folder since the first time I installed this game.

and after looking for information from various sources, finally I found several ways to solve this problem, and here are some ways you can try.

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1. Open Genshin Impact Without Launcher

Yep, since I got into a problem like that I didn't bother and continued playing this game as usual but without going through the launcher. Can it? yes you can, you can still play this game even if you don't go through the launcher. and I stopped doing this method when this article was published.

2. Config.ini file modification

I have tried this method and it works 100 percent, the problem with downloading game data again in the launcher is that the game has lost the game version in the config.ini file. so you have to add the game version manually.

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You can find the config.ini file in the Genshin Impact Game folder, not the launcher. I found the file in C: \ Data D \ Game \ Genshin Impact \ Genshin Impact Game.

Genshin Impact : Folder Launcher

Genshin Impact Game : Folder data game

Right click on the config.ini file then select edit and below is an incomplete config.ini.






Delete the config above then replace it with the config as shown below






 If the game version 1.2.0 doesn't work, change the game version to 1.0.0, I myself use the game version 1.3.2.

Adjust the game version with the updated Game Version, the version can be seen in the top left corner of the launcher

3. Delete the Config.ini file

If previously we only changed the config file, the third, slightly extreme way is to delete this file. one of the users on the genshin impact forum told a story like this

On first download my game was fine and I could play no problem. But then during first update something went wrong and had similar problem. Launcher seemed to try and download new game instead of recognizing that it was already installed. From that point I had be running the game from GenshinImpact.exe file instead of launcher which worked fine. Just recently tried to start game and it told me I needed new update which put me back to earlier launcher issue. So I deleted the config.ini file and now launcher is working as normal and just finished updating my game.

4. Extract the GenshinImpact_1.3.2.zip_tmp file

The last way you might try is to extract the file, but you can't extract this file directly, you have to rename this file, right click on the file and select rename, and change the file name to GenshinImpact_1.3.2.zip . You only need to remove _temp after the .zip extension.


Of the four methods above, I managed to overcome the genshin impact launcher error in the second way, I got this problem when I updated version 1.3 and finally when this article was published I managed to pre-download the game to version 1.4. Keep trying and good luck.

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