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how to copy genshin impact to another PC

how to copy genshin impact pc

How to copy Genshin Impact PC Want to play Genshin Impact PC but lazy to download it? just copy your friends' files. genshin impact is a role-playing game that was immediately available for four platforms at the same time, namely Windows, iOS, Android, and PS4.

for the PC version you have to download 11.97 GB of game data when it was first released, if you have a wifi connection of course it's not a big problem but for gamers who rely on data packages to play games it is certainly a problem.

The size of the game is getting bigger now, just imagine if you download the game Microsoft Flight Simulator or Call of Duty: Warzone using regular data quota, surely you will spend a lot of money to buy a data package.

but calm down pediainfo has a solution. After successfully copying Steam and Valorant games, this time I will try to provide a way to copy the Genshin Impact PC game so you don't have to bother anymore. let's see the following article.

How to copy genshin impact

do the method below on a laptop or PC that has Genshin Impact installed.

  1. first look for the installation file genshin impact on a pc that has genshin impact installed, by right clicking on the game icon and clicking open file location, my game launcher is in the C: \ Program Files \ Genshin Impact directory. This is the default file location if it wasn't changed during install, then copy the genshin impact folder.
  2. second, paste the genshin impact folder onto the hard disk or other storage media. if using a flash it is recommended a minimum size of 16GB.
  3. Next, look for additional game data for genshin impact, I put the game data in a different folder, namely C: \ Data D \ Game \ Genshin Impact Game, copy the game folder and paste it to the hard disk or flash drive.

the first way is done.

Then do the method below on a laptop or PC that has not installed the Genshin Impact game.

  1. the first step is to create a new folder on the laptop, for example, I created a folder "GI"
  2. then paste the two previous folders that were copied to the new folder that you created.
  3. wait for the pasting process to finish, if you have run the file "launcher.exe" which is located in the Genshin Impact folder
  4. You will see a screen similar to the title image of this article, and click change file path. then select the game data folder, my folder name is Genshin Impact Game. After that a notification will appear, don't reselect it, but it's okay.
  5. if successful, a launch button will appear at the bottom right.
  6. finished

eitts, before doing this, make sure your laptop or PC meets the specification requirements to run this game, for those who haven't read the required system specifications, you can search for the genshin impact article on this blog via the search field.

Bonuss, if you are interested, Pediainfo also has tips and tricks on how to copy Steam and Valorant games, you can find the articles on this site, thank you and enjoy playing.

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