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How to copy valorant to another PC without download

 cara copy valorant

this time I will share tips on how to copy the Valorant game installation from one PC / laptop to another without having to download again. Of course this method really saves internet quota because you don't need to download it.

not only valorant, the games you play from Steam can also be transferred to another PC / laptop.

before that you must know the specifications needed to play this game. You can use the old Intel Core Duo E8400 and Intel HD 4000 VGA card to play at 30 FPS.

While the recommended specifications for this game are Intel Core i3-4150 with GPU Gefore GT730, you can play at 60 FPS framerate.

and if you have a 240 Hz monitor it is best to use an intel core i5-4460 3.2 Ghz with VGA Gtx 1050TI 4GB.

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How to copy the Valorant game

do the following steps on a PC or laptop that has installed the Valorant game

  1. First, look for the installation file on the PC that has Valorant installed by right-clicking the Valorant icon on the desktop then selecting open file location.
  2. You will go to C / Riot Games / Riot client. before moving, click on the Riot Games folder first and there are two folders, namely Riot Client and VALORANT. and what we are going to move is the valorant forlder.
  3. Paste the Valorant folder onto an external hard drive or other storage media, at least 16 GB.
  4. The first step is complete

do the following steps on the target pc or laptop

  1. before moving the game, you have to download the riot client (https://playvalorant.com/id-id/download/) the client file is only around 65MB.
  2. open the file clinet riot, click options to specify the installation folder. the default is in C data, then click install.
  3. You will see the game login screen, at the bottom you can see the game download process is running. so you have to pause the process.
  4. copy the Valorant game folder from the hard drive or flash
  5. then open the game valorant installation folder by right clicking the game valorant icon and selecting open file location.
  6. paste the valorant folder in the C / Riot Games directory.
  7. if a duplicate data pop up appears, please click replace file. wait for it to finish
  8. then open valorant. at the bottom right of the riot client is verifying the data. and when it's finished you can login and play the game.

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This method can be an alternative for those of you who have a limited quota to be able to download games with a large enough size.


You can also do this method for in-game updates, in the same way you just copy and paste and replace to update the file

Besides the famous Valorant game on the Steam platform, you can also copy the Steam game copy guide already in the previous post

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